Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Super Purple Monkey Brew

In one of our latest projects, we were challenged to be two week entrepreneurs. We had to create a product, brand it, then flog it to make as much profit as possible. Very similar to BBC's "the apprentice" but with less time restrictions, nobody getting fired, no Margaret or Nick, no Sugar, no cameras or a beautiful receptionist.

Myself and Dave decided to brew and sell our own unique brand of beer. We purchased the highest quality beer making kit from Wilkinsons, and began the 12 day of brewing.

Introducing SuperPurpleMonkeyBrew
A 6-8% strong pale lager with a hint of fruitiness and Ribena. The perfect drink to accompany beef, pork or fish meal.

An absolute steal at £2.00 a bottle, SuperPurpleMonkeyBrew sold out in under 30 minutes.

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